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A Common Question About A Foundation Problem

One of the most common questions I receive when I tell people that I work in the foundation repair industry is, “How do I know if I have a foundation problem?” This can be a very tricky question not just for the person asking the question who knows nothing about foundations, but also for a seasoned pro. The reason is that question is subjective to the person who owns the house, as a foundation problem can manifest themselves in structural and cosmetic ways. Now normally structural issues caused by the foundation problem is the result of years of neglect or a sudden catastrophe, more common than not it’s the cosmetic issues that start to get on the nerves of homeowners. Just because there is no structural damage occurring doesn’t mean the cosmetic issues aren’t a foundation problem. Also important is a small crack might be a huge deal to some homeowners, while something others can live with.

foundation problem sheet rock crack

What do you think? Is this something you can live with or something that drives you mad?

Back to my most common question. How I usually answer that question is simply, “Do you think you have a problem?” If they answer “yes,” then I follow up with “tell me why you think so.” What normally happens is they start speaking about things that annoy them around the house, that doesn’t seem right to them. “Cracks above door frames, doors that don’t close right in the summer, or weird sounds coming from the inside of the house.” Nine times out of 10, the problems that they described to me that I know can be the result of foundation movement usually are. After an inspection to verify there are no structural issues the conversation switches to maintenance related topics, but that’s for another day.

In my follow up post I’ll list out the common visible damages that can occur as the result of foundation problem, with examples to help you identify whether or not you have a foundation problem at your home.

Thanks for reading, if you believe that you have a foundation problem that needs to be addressed give us a call and we’ll come do a FREE foundation consultation to help determine what’s going on. If you believe that you have a more serious issue we always advise to have a structural engineer perform an inspection first.


  1. Thanks for explaining that we probably have a foundation problem if we notice cracks above our door frames or have trouble closing our doors. My husband and I have noticed both of those signs in the last couple of weeks, but I wasn’t sure what the issue could be. I’m glad I read your article because now I can start looking for a good foundation repair company to take a look.

  2. Thanks for the information on how to find foundation problems. I just moved into a home, but I have noticed some cracks in the foundation. I’ll start looking for an expert that can help me repair my foundation as soon as I can.

  3. I liked how you mentioned that sometimes a foundation problem only manifests itself as a cosmetic issue. My husband and I are going to look for a used house, and we want to be sure the house doesn’t have any problems. I will look for a foundation expert who can help me check if the houses are in a good state and if I should buy them.

  4. My dad was cleaning our home when he noticed that there are cracks in the wall and wants to have it checked and repaired right away. It was explained here that cracks above door frames and doors that don’t close are signs of foundation movement. Having said that, it’s advisable to hire professional contractors when in need of structural repairs.

  5. My mom thinks that she has some damage done to her foundation. She wants to make sure that it gets fixed by a professional. I liked what you said about how structural issues are caused by the foundation problem is the result of years of neglect.

  6. It’s true that foundation cracks can manifest themselves in structural ways. I think I need to hire a repair service to assess if I have a problem so that they can fix it for me if it needs to be addressed. Since there is visible damage to my basement already, it might be a sign to call someone soon.

  7. It’s helpful that you said that if you think there is a problem then there probably is. My house has been having some serious issues and I want to make sure it’s not the foundation. I guess my next step is to get it fixed.

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