If you notice cracks inside and out of your house and you believe that you need foundation repair in Plano, PermaTech should be your first call. We provide reliable foundation repair consultations to homeowners who are discovering problems that could be related to foundation damage. We use cutting edge technology to identify, inspect, plan and repair your problems permanently. As a family owned local company, our consultants are very familiar with the different types of foundations and soils in Plano. All of our customers will be fully briefed and educated in exactly what we are doing so that your foundation repair in Plano goes off without any miscommunication.

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Problems Causing Foundation Repair in Plano

foundation repair plano dry soil

Dry Soil

Extended dry seasons can cause soil dryness which can lead to foundation problems. Without water, soil contracts. Contraction causes cracks to form and soil to shrink, because the soil type in Plano is mostly made of clay. If one side of the foundation shrinks more than the other, you’ll have a problem.

foundation repair plano tree roots

Tree Roots

Much like droughts, tree roots can cause soil changes that can lead to foundation problems. They do this by continuously drinking or soaking up moisture from their roots. An average size tree can drink a ridiculous amount of water every day, so if they can reach the house, then they are affecting that supporting soil.

foundation repair mckinney leak

Slab Leaks

In addition, slab leaks can cause soil to change that can lead to foundation issues, but it does so differently. When moisture moves into the clay, it will cause it to expand. This expansion can raise the foundation to a higher elevation than the surrounding areas. Regular leak tests are recommended.

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