Whether you have had piers installed, are about to install piers or don’t currently need piers, proper foundation maintenance is a must. Foundations and piers under foundations both rely on the soil they are supported by, therefore it’s important to take care of that soil to assure that problems don’t start or persist.

Many different factors and variables come into play when talking about maintenance problems that can cause foundation movement, enough to make your head spin. PermaTech consultants are trained not only to create a repair plan if a foundation needs to be stabilized, but also to create a maintenance plan.

  1. One of our consultants will inspect the current status of the surrounding property.
  2. They will then identify potential causes for areas that are failing, that can lead to foundation problems.
  3. Once Identified they will present to you different options to address that cause.
  4. A custom report will be sent to you with everything that was discussed, as well as a step by step plan on how to begin.
foundation maintenance

Common Maintenance Issues

There are many different items at play when it comes to keeping the moisture content and strength in the soil around the foundation consistent. Below are a few of the common maintenance issues that can be address that have proven to make major differences in preventing foundation problems.

foundation repair tree rootsTrees can drink an substantial amount of water and it does this by pulling water out of the soil from it’s roots. Some species of trees have roots that can travel great lengths to find that moisture. If the roots can get under or even close to the foundation, it will pull moisture out of the soil that is inconsistent with the water content of areas that don’t have roots. This inconsistency causes the soil to shrink and therefore causes the foundation to fail.

foundation repair erosionWhen water flows downhill it will inevitably loosen the soil at the surface, then grabbing it as it runs away from where it started. If this soil started near the foundation and ends up away from the foundation, there is a net loss of soil strength compared to areas of the foundation where soil stays consistent. We usually see this when homes don’t have gutters or when downspouts empty out right next to the foundation. It’s important to correct this drainage so we can prevent the erosion.

foundation wateringWhen talking about watering habits, it’s important to know that what we are really talking about is moisture consistency. Meaning, we want the soil that supports the house under one area has the same moisture content as soil that supports the foundation in another area. We also have to realize that there is always water being added and removed from these different areas. Whether roots are taking water out, or rain is putting water in. After considering all the factors we can identify whether certain areas need to be watered more with irrigation or less.